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Android: Bluetooth Permission is Allowed for Nailbot App on AndroidUpdated 2 years ago

If your Nailbot does not appear in the list on the “Nailbot Pairing” page, please check that the Bluetooth Permission was accepted for the Nailbot App. Without this permission, the Nailbot App cannot use the Phone’s Bluetooth capabilities.

Steps to Check:

  1. Go to your phone's Home Page and open the Phone Settings App. 

  1. Scroll to the Applications Section and find the Nailbot App. Click on it to open the Nailbot App Information.

  1. Click on the Folder that says Permissions and make sure that all Permissions have been accepted.

  1. Open the Nailbot App and Pair to your Nailbot from “Nailbot Pairing”. You should be able to find and connect to your Nailbot! 

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