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Colored Nails: How to Prime, Print & Seal on Colored NailsUpdated 2 years ago

Here is how to Prime, Print and Seal your colored nails with Nailbot prints.


Begin by painting your nails with colored polish. Allow polish to fully dry 

We recommend using light or bright polish colors. Nailbot prints will not show up on darker-colored polish

Allow nails to fully dry


- Open Primer and gently wipe off excess primer from the brush - Only a minimal amount of primer is needed on the nail for printing.

- Apply one thin layer of primer over the nail bed

  • - If you apply too thick of a layer of primer, the top coat will not be able to penetrate the primer to turn it transparent. 

- Primer will dry to a chalky white matte finish.

  • - Primer should dry in about 60 seconds - If your primer takes longer than 60 seconds to dry, you most likely applied too thick of a coat.


- Insert your finger into the Nailbot and rest on the Finger Cradle

- Print your selected Nailbot design

  • - If you are unhappy with your print, you can remove your design with an alcohol wipe, reprime, and reprint


- Apply one thin layer of top coat over the whole nail bed of colored polish. The chalky white primer should turn transparent and disappear

- Apply a second layer of top coat over the colored polish to ensure all primer has disappeared.

- Your nails are now ready to be shown off!

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