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How do I store my Nailbot?Updated 3 years ago

1. Store your Nailbot on a dry and flat surface where it will not easily be knocked over or come into contact with liquids. Surfaces such as desks and side tables work well. Unplug Nailbot when it is not in use. Leave the Ink Cartridge in the Nailbot when not in use. 


2. Power off the Nailbot and remove the Power Tip from the Power Jack. Remove your mobile device from the Phone Cradle. Gently remove the Phone Cradle itself by pulling to the right until the legs are free from the Nailbot.

3. Wrap up your Power Supply and place it back in your Accessory Box. Your polishes and Phone Cradle can fit in your “Hello Beautiful” Accessory Bag. 

4. Place your Nailbot and your Accessory Box back into the foam casing of your large Nailbot Box. Place the Cardboard Insert back on top of the Nailbot and close the lid on your box. Now you’re ready to travel with your Nailbot! 

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