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How do I use the Nailbot System?Updated 2 years ago

Nailbot is as easy as Prep, Prime, Print and Seal!

  1. PREPBegin by prepping your nails with our Canvas White Polish
    • Apply two thin coats of Canvas White Polish (One thick coat works too!)
    • Let polish dry completely to the touch.
    • Other light-colored polish may be used, but white produces the best result.
  2. PRIME: Prime your nails with our Nailbot Primer
    • Apply one thin layer of Primer on top of Canvas Polish.
    • Wait 60 seconds for the Primer to dry to a matte white.
    • If non-white polish is used, expect Primer to dry matte white on top of the colored polish.
  3.  NAILBOT: Print art on your nail using Nailbot
    • Rest one finger flat on the foam piece of the Finger Cradle.
    • Align the base of your nail bed with the base of the Finger Guide.
    • Select the art you want to print and tap the Print button.
    • Keep your finger relaxed and still while printing
  4. SEAL: Lock in your art print or erase and try again.
    • If you are unhappy with your print you can erase it with a swipe of an alcohol wipe. Reprime your nail with primer and wait for it to dry. Then print new art.
    • If you love your print, use one coat of Seal the Deal to ensure your print lasts.
    • Apply two coats if a colored polish is used. Primer will disappear.

Check out a quick tutorial video on how to use the Nailbot System.

Learn how to properly prep, prime, print, and seal your Nailbot manicures. 

0:00 What You'll Need 

0:10 Canvas Polish 

0:15 Nailbot Primer 

0:30 Finger Cradle & Nail Placement 

0:43 AR Screen & Nail Settings 

1:08 Printing 

1:20 Erasing Prints 

1:38 Seal the Deal top coat 

1:57 Colored Polish

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