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Why is my Nailbot not pairing?Updated 2 years ago

If your Nailbot does not appear on the Nailbot Pairing list, ensure that Nailbot is on and Bluetooth is enabled in your phone settings. Make sure no other phone is paired to your Nailbot. Power off the Nailbot you want to pair to and then power it back on. Pair the Nailbot app with the Nailbot.

If your Nailbot app is paired but you’re getting “Print Failed” messages, power off and unplug the Nailbot. Close out the Nailbot app. Power on Nailbot and re-open the Nailbot app. Pair the Nailbot app with the Nailbot. Make sure your phone has the latest version of the Nailbot app.

If you have multiple Nailbots in your house, make sure you are pairing to the correct Nailbot. Each Nailbot has a unique Nailbot Hardware Serial Number located on the bottom of your Nailbot. The last 5 digits of the Serial Number will correspond to the Nailbot Pairing list. 

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