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Android Missing Bottom Navigation BarUpdated 8 months ago

When using the LATEST 3.0.51 Nailbot App on Android, the bottom navigation bar is missing from the art gallery and collection pages within the app. This may make it harder to navigate through the app. Therefore, to move through these pages;

  • Utilize the back button located at the top left corner of the screen to move back to previous pages.

  • When in a gallery, click on a collection to see more art for that collection.

  • When in a collection, click on any art to move to the print pages.

  • Once on the print pages, the bottom navigation bar will appear again and you can click “Discover” to go back to the main page of the Nailbot App.

*Important Note: If you encounter compatibility issues between your Android phone and the Nailbot App, this could be related to the Nailbot App OS compatibility. For Android users running Android13 and above on their phones, please use the latest version of Nailbot App (3.0.51).

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