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The Nailbot App

Where to download Nailbot App?

The Nailbot App is available on both the Apple Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Androids! Please see below for more information on how to install the Apps onto your mobile device. iOS - The Nailbot App is available on the App Store. It sup

Which mobile devices does Nailbot work with?

Nailbot is compatible with iPhone 7 and above. Nailbot works with most Android-based smartphones with Android OS 7.0 and above. Currently, Nailbot does not work with tablets, desktop software, or iPads.

How do I use the Nailbot App?

Learn how to use the Nailbot App to create & your own print nail art. 0:00 Discover Page. 0:30 Profile & Pairing. 1:04 AR Screen & Nail Placement. 1:19 Nail Settings. 1:33 Print & Record. 1:59 Favorite Art. 2:12 Make Section. 4:02 Create Playlist

How to pair phone to Nailbot System?

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your phone's settings. In the Nailbot app, navigate to the Profile Section by selecting the top left Profile icon. Scroll down and select "Nailbot Pairing". Your Nailbot should appear in the list. Select the checkm

How to adjust art size/placement?

In the Nailbot App, select a piece of art to print. Select the arrow icon on the AR Section. The Nail Settings Section will appear. Here, you can change the size, position, flip and rotate your art. Changes will be reflected once you select the Save

How to favorite art and create playlists?

From the Discover Section in the Nailbot App, navigate to the Library Section by selecting the Library icon on the bottom bar. Select your Favorites folder to view your favorite art. You can “Favorite” art by long-pressing it in the AR Section, or to

How to print custom photos on my nails?

In the Nailbot App, navigate to the Make Section by selecting the Make icon. Here, you can select a photo from your camera roll or capture a photo to use. From your selection, you can crop your art, draw on it, type on it, and use stickers or filters

iOS16 & Nailbot iOS App

Certain versions of iOS16.0 cause Bluetooth pairing and camera view issues with Nailbot printer hardware. These issues have been fixed by BOTH updating your iPhone to run on iOS16.1 or higher AND using the most recent Nailbot iOS app (5.1.0). Update

Collections in Gallery not displaying correctly

We have a new update to the iPhone Nailbot app (v. 5.1.0)! Make sure to download the latest and greatest from the Apple store. The build fixes a few of the camera rotation issues, collection viewing and minor bugs. (If you have switched or upgraded p

Camera glitching while printing

We have a new update to the iPhone Nailbot app (v.5.1.0)! Make sure to download the latest and greatest from the Apple store. The build fixes a few of the camera rotation issues and minor bugs. (If you have switched or upgraded phones and your Nailbo

How to close out of the Nailbot App

When using the Nailbot App (any version), there may be times when you need to close out of the Nailbot App to restart the application and refresh the connection with the Nailbot. If you are having issues connecting to your Nailbot or doing a hard res

Switching to a New Phone and using Nailbot App

When switching to a new phone, the Nailbot App might have issues loading or you might get a “Session Expired” message when opening on the new phone. This might prevent you from being able to select images to print with your Nailbot. If you encounter

Sharing one Nailbot with Multiple User Accounts

Only one phone or account can be paired to the Nailbot at one time. Therefore, it is important that when switching between phones or accounts, you unpair the phone/account you are no longer using and then refresh the pairing connection to the Nailbot

Android Missing Bottom Navigation Bar

When using the LATEST 3.0.51 Nailbot App on Android, the bottom navigation bar is missing from the art gallery and collection pages within the app. This may make it harder to navigate through the app. Therefore, to move through these pages;. Utilize

How to Favorite Art in the Nailbot App

When using the latest versions of the Nailbot App (iOS: ver5.1.0 ; Android: ver5.0.51), you can “heart” your favorite art so that it shows up in your Favorites folder in the Library section. This allows you fast access to your favorite nail art image

iOS17 & AR art display

When using the latest version 5.1.0 Nailbot App with certain versions of iOS17 with an iPhone that has 3 cameras (such as iPhone14Pro or iPhone15Pro), the AR art within the Nailbot App camera view does not display correctly on the nail. We have predo