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Nailbot App (5.2.0) & AR LagUpdated a month ago

When using an iPhone14Pro (or possibly another 3 camera iPhone) with the latest version of the Nailbot App (5.2.0) and running iOS17 or higher, you may experience some lag and/or freezing on the AR due to the lighting conditions of the room. If you encounter some lag or freezing while using the AR, please try the following to manually override the issue. 

  1. Use the Flash Feature

    1. If while on the AR page, the art being displayed starts to lag or even freeze, click on the Flash icon on the top right corner of the camera view on the AR page under the Pair button.

      1. If the Nailbot App is frozen and the flash does not turn on, close the Nailbot App and re-open it. 

      2. Once on the AR page again, don’t put your fingernails within view of the camera, but instead turn on the flash.

    2. Use the AR page as you normally would, with the flash turned on. This will create a brighter environment and help the AR be faster in detecting the fingernail.

  2. Use the Nailbot App in a brighter lit environment

    1. If you don’t wish to use the Flash feature, you can also use the Nailbot App in a more brightly lit room than the one you are currently using. 

    2. Try using the Nailbot App in the bright bathroom or kitchen lights in your house. You should see an improvement in speed and reaction time on the AR page

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