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Sharing one Nailbot with Multiple User AccountsUpdated a year ago

Only one phone or account can be paired to the Nailbot at one time. Therefore, it is important that when switching between phones or accounts, you unpair the phone/account you are no longer using and then refresh the pairing connection to the Nailbot so that you don’t get pairing issues.

How to Refresh the Pairing with Nailbot and/or clear connection issues:

  1. Unpair from other phones: Before establishing the connection to the phone/account you want to use with the Nailbot make sure you unpair from any other devices that might be connected to the Nailbot. 

    1. You can do this by closing out of the Nailbot App entirely (How to close out of the Nailbot App)

    2. Go to the Pair page and toggling the pair button off (See GIF in Refresh Pair section for instructions on how to find the Pair page).

  2. Refresh Pair Connection with Nailbot: When connecting the desired phone or account to the Nailbot, go to the pair page to refresh the connection (See the GIF). 

  1. While on the Discover page, click on the Profile icon on the top left corner. 

  2. Scroll down to the Nailbot Pairing section and select it. 

  3. Toggle the pair button off so you disconnect from the Nailbot. 

  4. Then toggle the pair button on for the Nailbot you want to connect to. 

  5. This will ensure that a fresh connection is made with your Nailbot, even if it says it's already paired prior to toggling. You are ready to print again!

  1. Hard Reset: If you encounter an issue with your Nailbot or App, please do a hard reset on your unit and app to solve. These instructions are also on our Nailbot Help Desk troubleshooting link: How to do a Hard Reset.

  1. Turn off the Nailbot and exit completely out of the Nailbot App

  2. Unplug the Nailbot and wait 5 seconds

  3. Plug the Nailbot in and turn on

  4. Open the Nailbot app and sign in

  5. Pair to the Nailbot 

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