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How much does Nailbot cost?

The Nailbot Kit MSRP is $299.99. Follow us on social media (IG & TikTok) and be on the lookout for special discount codes from your favorite creators!

What is Preemadonna's Limited Warranty Policy?

Limited Warranty Policy. Last Updated: November 29, 2021. This Limited Warranty (“Policy”) sets forth the terms of the limited warranty (“Warranty”) applicable to the Nailbot printer hardware (the “Nailbot Hardware”). This Policy forms part of and is

When will Nailbot ship out if I place a new pre-order?

All orders placed before September 1, 2022 have shipped! New Nailbot Kit Orders placed after September 1, 2022 will be shipped during our next drop in late 2022 and early 2023. The pandemic, the global chip shortage, and port delays make it difficult

Where does Nailbot ship?

We ship to all 50 United States🇺‍🇸 . We do not ship internationally at this time but keep checking back for when we do.

Can I cancel my pre-order?

If you change your mind after placing a pre-order you can cancel and refund your order at any time before your unit ships. Simply message us on the "contact us" page or email [email protected] and request a refund. Include your confirmation num

I’m a supporter of the Indiegogo or Kickstarter early campaigns. Where is my order?

We shipped all units to our USA crowdfunding backers that provided us with their addresses or filled out our survey. We consider these campaigns closed and fulfilled for USA backers.

I’m a supporter of the Republic campaign - how do I pre-order?

Thank you for your support! Our CEO, Pree, messaged you in the Republic portal - feel free to pre-order on our site. We opened up the website for Republic backers and notified you before the rest of the waitlist.