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Where can I find additional videos?

Check out our Youtube (/preemadonna) channel, follow us on TikTok (@nailbot) and Instagram (@preemadonna). Every Thursday at 4 PM PT, we are hosting an Instagram Live for our community to learn Nailbot tips and tricks!. You can also email us at conta

How to place finger in Nailbot.

Here are some tips for Proper Finger Placement. IOS Users. Android Users. iOS Users. Android Users.

How to attach the Phone Cradle.

1. Attach Phone Cradle. 2. Phone Position. 3. Phone Cradle Toggle. Check out the video below to watch how to attach/toggle your phone cradle.

Small Nail Printing Tips.

Learn how to properly size nail art & how to place small nails in the Nailbot. 0:00 Prep. 0:19 Small Nail Settings. 0:38 Small Nail Placement. 1:09 Pinkie Printing. 1:22 Printing Words. 2:02 Small Thumb Placement. 2:23 Small Thumb Printing. 2:50 Seal

Med/Large Nail Printing Tips.

Learn how to properly size your art & position your large nails in Nailbot. 0:00 Prep & Prime Nails. 0:19 Medium-sized nail placement. 1:00 Large-sized nail placement. 1:43 Seal the Deal top coat.

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