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How to do a Hard Reset.Updated 2 years ago

If you need to perform a Hard Reboot of your Nailbot, follow these steps below:

  1. Close out of the Nailbot app completely. Make sure that you have exited the app and it is not hidden in the background. (You don’t need to log out of your account just exit/close the app so it's not in the background)
  2. Power off the Nailbot (turn the power button off).
  3. Unplug the Nailbot from the Power Supply.
  4. Reconnect the Power Supply to the Nailbot.
  5. Power on Nailbot (turn on the power button on the top of Nailbot). Check that the light ring is white. 
    • If the light ring is Orange or Red, the Nailbot still has an issue and will not be able to print. (If you are seeing an Orange or Red light click HERE to learn how to fix it or message us again)
  6. Open the Nailbot App and pair it with your Nailbot. You should be able to print!

Check out this video below of how to perform a Hard Reboot of Nailbot.

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