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General Troubleshooting

What each Nailbot light ring color means.

WHITE LIGHT: Nailbot is on and working. This white light indicates that everything is running smoothly and correctly. ORANGE LIGHT: This could be due to a missing Ink Cartridge, an incompatible Ink Cartridge that has been inserted into Nailbot, or an

Will Nailbot need a firmware update?

If your Nailbot needs a firmware update - we will alert you via the Nailbot app. We don’t anticipate firmware updates occurring regularly and only in a much-needed event. When Nailbot is going through a firmware update, it will flash multiple colors

I lost my Instruction Manual, do you have an online version?

Yes, we do!. Click HERE to access our online version of the Instruction Manual.

How to do a Hard Reset.

If you need to perform a Hard Reboot of your Nailbot, follow these steps below:. Check out this video below of how to perform a Hard Reboot of Nailbot.

Why do prints have a green hue?

The Nailbot Ink Settings feature allows you to modify how the colors of your images and photos are printed!. We’ve seen some minor ink batch variability in early drops so we created a new beta feature for you to test. We have Alternate and Primary op

My Nailbot Primer is goopy!

Separation/clumping may occur when the primer has been sitting unused for an extended period of time. This is natural and to be expected. If your primer looks watery or the brush holds clumps when you lift it from the bottle, your primer formula has