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My Nailbot Primer is goopy!Updated 2 years ago

Separation/clumping may occur when the primer has been sitting unused for an extended period of time. This is natural and to be expected. If your primer looks watery or the brush holds clumps when you lift it from the bottle, your primer formula has likely separated.

Here is how to fix the primer that is flakey/watery/goopy.

  1. Begin by loosening any clumps inside the bottle. 

    • Gently pat the primer against the palm of your hand

    • Make sure to rotate the primer between pats to ensure are clumps are loosened.

  2. Next, gently shake the primer to begin to recombine the separation.

    • Do not shake too hard as this will cause excess air bubbles

    • Shake for about 15 seconds

  3. Lastly, roll your primer between both palms to settle the primer. 

    • Think of rolling playdoh between your hands to make a snake, or rubbing your hands together to make friction.

    • Do this for about 30 seconds

When applying the primer to your painted nail, make sure to apply one thin, even coat of primer. Applying too thick of a layer of primer will cause your primer to dry incorrectly resulting in a poor art print. 

  • The primer will dry to a matte white finish.

  • If you notice polish poking through the primer or an area of your nail that was not covered in primer, remove the primer using an alcohol wipe and reapply primer. - Do not apply a second layer of primer over the first. This will cause an uneven layer in your finger resulting in a poor print.

  • Nailbot Primer should last 6 months after opening. (That's why we provide two in our Nailbot System 😊 )

  • If you applied primer to a non-white polish, the primer will disappear with two coats of a top coat.

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