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How to insert a new Ink Cartridge.Updated 2 years ago

If you are inserting an Ink Cartridge into your Nailbot for the first time, make sure to gently remove the white tape from the right side of your Nailbot.

Using your left index finger, pull the Ink Cartridge Carriage towards the center of Nailbot and stop to the right of the Finger Guide.

Next, grab your Nailbot Ink Cartridge. (Only Nailbot Ink Cartridges are compatible with the Nailbot System - others do NOT work). Gently remove the Ink Cartridge’s clear clip slowly. Do not discard this clip as it may be needed later. Ensure the bottom of the Ink Cartridge does not touch any surfaces. 


Insert the Ink Cartridge by tilting it upward and pushing it into its holder. When it is properly inserted, you will hear a click. Gently slide the Carriage all the way back to the right. Move the Finger Shield back up.


Check out the video below to learn how to insert a Nailbot Ink Cartridge into Nailbot.

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