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Ink Cartridge FAQ

How long will my Ink Cartridge Last?

The Starter Cartridge should last for around 2000-2500 prints if the Nailbot and cartridge are used regularly and stored properly. There is also a print counter in the Nailbot app where you can see the total number of prints.

How to check Ink Levels.

You can manually check the “Ink Levels” by going to the “Nailbot Settings” section in the Profile section of the mobile app.

How to clean your Ink Cartridge.

Learn how to remove & clean your Nailbot's Ink Cartridge. 0:00 What You'll Need. 0:12 Remove Phone & Cradle. 0:20 Finger Shield down. 0:24 Ink Cartridge Removal. 0:39 Inspect Ink Cartridge. 0:49 Clean Ink Cartridge. 1:23 Reinsert Ink Cartridge. 1:43

How to insert a new Ink Cartridge.

If you are inserting an Ink Cartridge into your Nailbot for the first time, make sure to gently remove the white tape from the right side of your Nailbot. Using your left index finger, pull the Ink Cartridge Carriage towards the center of Nailbot and

How to warm up your Ink Cartridge.

We recommend warming up your Ink Cartridge before first-time use or before using your Nailbot after it has been unused for an extended period of time. When Nailbot has been sitting unused, the ink can settle in the Cartridge. Warming up your Nailbot