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How to warm up your Ink Cartridge.Updated 2 years ago

We recommend warming up your Ink Cartridge before first-time use or before using your Nailbot after it has been unused for an extended period of time. When Nailbot has been sitting unused, the ink can settle in the Cartridge. Warming up your Nailbot gets the ink flowing to make sure Nailbot produces the best quality print. (It’s like calibrating a printer for the first time)

Begin by turning on your Nailbot. Leave Nailbot on for 5 minutes to allow the cartridge to warm up.

Insert your phone into the Phone Cradle. Open up the Nailbot app.

Pair Nailbot with your phone by selecting the profile icon, selecting Nailbot Pairing and selecting your Nailbot.

Grab a piece of photo paper from your included Nail Care Kit. (If you do not have photo paper, the normal paper will work just fine.)

Slide the photo paper into the Finger Cradle as you would for your finger. Make sure the paper is pushed enough in that you can see the paper through the Finger Guide hole. 

Then begin to print as normal. Make sure to move the photo paper after each print so as to not stack the prints.

Print 9 - 10 prints and make sure to mix the prints. We recommend a variety of prints including photos, Solid black prints, solid color prints, and multi-colored prints so that each color combination is warmed up in your Ink Cartridge. 

After you have printed 9 - 10 prints on your photo paper, you are now ready to begin printing with Nailbot as usual. 

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