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Test Prints with Photo PaperUpdated 2 years ago

You can test your art/photo prints prior to printing on your nails by printing on a piece of photo paper (supplied in the Nail Care Kit) or by printing on a plain piece of paper.

Pre-test your prints by following the steps below:

  • Grab a piece of photo paper from your included Nail Care Kit. (If you do not have photo paper, normal paper will work just fine.)

  • Slide the photo paper into the Finger Cradle as you would for your finger. Make sure the paper is pushed enough in that you can see the paper through the Finger Guide hole. 

  • Select the print(s) you would like to test and print as normal. Make sure to move the photo paper after each print so as to not stack the prints.

  • View your test prints on your paper to see how they will print.

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