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Printing FAQ

What is the print quality?

Our current Nailbot is created to print in one pass over Bluetooth at approximately 600 DPI.

How do I remove a print?

You can remove the print with an alcohol wipe. It won’t remove the polish underneath so you can easily print again! If you like the print, put a top coat over the print and show off your awesome art!.

How long do prints last?

The prints can last 3-5 days if you seal them in with a top coat. Typically the polish chips first. But since it’s so easy to print - we hope you try on lots of new nail art looks.

Why is my print streaky?

It’s possible that the nozzles in your Ink Cartridge are clogged. Often users haven’t waited for their Canvas Polish and primer to dry before printing and have pushed their nail too high, touching the cartridge nozzles. Follow the steps below to fix

Why is my print blurry?

A blurry print could be due to poor polish application or poor finger placement. Follow these tips to ensure you get the right print every time.

Why is Nailbot missing my nail when printing?

Here is an insider tip to print in the right spot every single time!. For Small Nails: Resize to “Small” and “Bottom”. Place your finger in the Finger Cradle so that the nail bed is flush with the bottom of the Finger Guide. iOS Users. Android Users.

Why is my Nailbot not printing?

The most common reason why your Nailbot is not printing is that the Ink Cartridge is missing or was not properly inserted. To fix it, follow the steps below.

Can I see a Day by Day on print longevity?

Nailbot prints can last anywhere between 3-5 days if you seal them in with a top coat. Typically the polish will chip first. Scroll below to see some day-by-day prints over the span of 5-6 days. We show prints on our canvas polish, in addition to som

Print dimensions for each Nail art size.

The dimensions for each Nail Art size are as follows...

Why do prints have a green hue?

The Nailbot Ink Settings feature allows you to modify how the colors of your images and photos are printed!. We’ve seen some minor ink batch variability in early drops so we created a new beta feature for you to test. We have Alternate and Primary op

Test Prints with Photo Paper

You can test your art/photo prints prior to printing on your nails by printing on a piece of photo paper (supplied in the Nail Care Kit) or by printing on a plain piece of paper. Pre-test your prints by following the steps below:.