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Why is my Nailbot not printing?Updated 2 years ago

The most common reason why your Nailbot is not printing is that the Ink Cartridge is missing or was not properly inserted. To fix it, follow the steps below.

  1. Close the Nailbot App and power off the Nailbot.
  2. Using your left index finger, pull the Ink Cartridge Carriage towards the center of Nailbot. Stop to the right of the Finger Guide.
  3.  If an Ink Cartridge is missing, insert a Nailbot Ink Cartridge.
    • Insert the Ink Cartridge by tilting it upward and pushing it into its holder. When it is properly inserted, you will hear a click.
  4. If an Ink Cartridge has been inserted, remove the Ink Cartridge and check for the following:
    • Check to make sure it is a Nailbot Ink Cartridge. Only Nailbot Ink Cartridges are compatible with the Nailbot System - others do NOT work.
    • Check that the clear clip has been removed.
    • Reinsert the Nailbot Ink Cartridge into the Carriage, making sure it clicks into place.
  5. Gently push the Carriage back into place and move the Finger Shield back up.
  6. Power on Nailbot. Check that the light ring is white. 
    • If the light ring is Orange or Red, the Nailbot still has an issue and will not be able to print. ( If you are seeing an Orange or Red light click HERE to learn how to fix it)
  7. Open the Nailbot App and pair it with your Nailbot. You are now ready to print!

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