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Why is my print blurry?Updated 2 years ago

A blurry print could be due to poor polish application or poor finger placement. Follow these tips to ensure you get the right print every time.

  • Make sure your nails are prepped with both the Canvas Polish and Nailbot Primer. Make sure your nails are dry to the touch after both applications. 

    • Align the bottom of your nail bed with the bottom of the Finger Guide. Place the Finger Shield up. 
    • Rest your finger in the Finger Cradle so your nail bed is flush with the Finger Guide.
    • Keep all other fingers including the thumb below the Finger Guide and the Finger Shield

    • Don’t push down on the Finger Cradle.
    • Don’t lift your finger up and through the Finger Guide.
    • Don’t rest any fingers on top of the Finger Guide. 

  • Make sure the artwork you are creating is a high-quality image. Nailbot is designed to print at ~600 DPI resolution. Often prints are blurry because the images are not high enough in quality or the image is too detailed for Nailbot to capture accurately on such a small canvas. 
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